Tuesday, March 27, 2012

To Make a Long Story, Short ...

It's almost time to turn another page on the 2012 calendar.  Time flies.  Here is a picture recap of what we've been doing this March ... and here's to better blogging in April.
Dad did lots of studying but finally finished his class!
Kate started "school" ...  Mom's Day Out at the Y once a week

Will was almost as proud as she was!
Will's class did a wax museum of famous Americans ... he was Henry Ford
The best time of day is when "Bub gets home from school"
Lots of toenail painting to celebrate success on the potty!
A quick trip to see this cutie cute face!

... oh yeah, and them too! ;o)
It's no longer enough to go for a boat ride, Will loves to be captain!

And, Kate likes the idea of driving the boat, but we can't let her drive for long or we'll all be seasick or pulled over for a DUI!

Looking for fish!

Life is great at the lake!

A **rare** calm moment.

"Let's rock, Pops!"
Learning about strategy

Waiting for a bite