Thursday, May 31, 2012

Just the Two of Us

It's not that often anymore that I get to spend time alone with Will.   Most of my days are filled with baby dolls, dress up, and a bag full of princess hair accessories.  And Will has entered the phase where he'd usually rather go outside and toss the ball (ANY ball!) around with Dad or head to Lowes for supplies for the latest project rather than cook or go to the grocery store with Mom.  It's a good thing ... I pray that he will grow up to be the kind of man his daddy is, and I know that the two of them spending lots of time together is one of the best ways for that to happen.  However, when I realized that Kate had one more day of Mom's Day Out and Will was already out of school, I jumped at the chance for a few hours with my favorite fella.

We spent the morning at a local kids museum where they have a new Star Wars exhibit.  I know nothing (as in NOT. ONE. THING.) about Star Wars, but Will didn't seem to mind catching me up to speed.  They had lots of props and costumes from the different episodes and several different hands on robotics stations.  We liked Darth Vader, the hover craft, and the mock cockpit from the Millineum  Falcon the best.

I really had to convince Will to take this picture!

The good guys (see, I learned something!)

Saving the universe ... or the galaxy, or something.

I also learned that Darth Vader has 4 artificial limbs and that he can't breathe w/o his suit.

Just hovering around, Mom!

I don't remember this girl's name, guess we better go back!

After all of that fun, we checked out the rest of the museum.  Will especially enjoyed the hall dedicated to all things flying.  Wichita is a great place to live if you like airplanes!!!

Trying to get the Wright Brothers plane off the ground - much harder than it looked!

Did you know that their first flight only lasted for 1200 feet?

Learning about air pressure and airplane wings

And just because we're so nice, we decided to let this guy join us for lunch ... he spends a lot of time with airplanes too!!!

Will kept saying "This is so good - I'm so glad my brain remembered to think of 5 guys!"