Wednesday, January 5, 2011

This is a test ...

Last night as I was cooking supper, something terrible happened. The pot I was cooking noodles in boiled over onto the stove. What's so terrible about that? It happens almost every time I cook! I don't know if I'm trying to do too many things at once or if I'm really just losing my mind, but seriously!!! I was so frustrated when I heard that awful hissing noise and ran from the family room to try to minimize the mess. In that very moment, I was reminded of my promise to be thankful. And this is where my mind went ... Lord, thank you for pots to cook in, thank you for things to clean up with, thank you for plenty of food to eat, thank you for my precious family that gets to sit around one table and eat together tonight. Thank you that my pots just boil over and I don't have to admit to burning food every time I cook ;o). There must be 10 million bazillion things to thank Him for every day. I wonder what tonight's meal will bring?!?

The pictures are obviously not of my sticky stove top, but of two of my favorite people to clean up after!


  1. You are so inspiring. Can you come live next door to me?!

  2. I agree with Michelle! I miss being close!!

  3. Two of the sweetest girls I know! Michelle, were you inspired by my boiling water or tremendous messes??? :o) It would be pure joy to live next door to either one of you ... for goodness sake, I'd settle for the same state at this point!!!