Monday, September 5, 2011

It's so Hard to say Goodbye

**These next few posts were written over the summer while John was on his "adventure". He's now safely home and we're soaking up some much needed family time. In fact, poor John has the difficult job of deciding who gets to do what with daddy next! We hope you're enjoying some great family time on this Labor Day holiday too! **

Well, the day we've all been dreading has finally come and gone and we can start the countdown for our hero's return home. Honestly there comes a point where you just want to get the deployment started. It hangs over everything you do ... our last time to get ice cream together until you get home, our last time to swim at the pool together until this trip is over with, the last time he'll put the kids to bed for a few months. You've gone over the lists of everything that needs to be taken care of and the instructions for how to start the lawn mower, what type of air filter to buy, and when to get the oil changed. Then there is nothing left to do but wait to say good-bye. You know it's coming, but you pretend that you don't. Small talk and nervous laughs fill the last few minutes of precious time together. When it's really time to let go of that one last hug, you have tear stained cheeks but you realize in that moment that you are stronger than you think you are ... that you're not alone, and from the chorus of one of my most favorite songs, that "love will hold us together." John, we miss you more than words can say and we can't wait for you to get back.

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  1. Welcome home John! Glad you're back safe. Thank you for serving our country...we're proud to know you! Looking forward to seeing you next week!