Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Stories of Bedtime

I have the best discussions with Will at bedtime! About a year ago we sponsored a little boy through World Vision named Charles. He is 8 years old and started the 1st grade last winter. Our family is SO blessed to be a part of his precious life, but that's another post. We received a picture and note from him today, something we always celebrate! In the picture, Charles is holding a goat and there is another goat standing beside him. During my prayer time with Will, I said something like, "Thank you for Charles and his family. Please help them to take care of their farm and goats and give them Your protection." Once I ended my prayer, Will said, "Mom, I'm pretty sure they eat that goat." Oh, dear. Me: "I don't think they eat goats, Will. I think they use the milk the goats make. We do eat the meat of some animals but not others." Will: "Yeah, we eat cows and pigs." Me: "And chickens." Will: "Chickens? Mom, we don't eat chickens!" Me: "Well, where do you think chicken comes from? Will: "Mom ... pigs!!!" We moved on from that and talked about a few more things. Me (getting up and walking out of the room): "Sleep good, I love you." Will: "I love you too, and I don't eat chickens!!!"


  1. Don't tell Chick-fil-A. Out of the mouths of babes. Too cute!

  2. Awesome,so sweet! I am excited to hear that you sponsor - I didn't know. We also sponser through World Vision, our little guy is named Segio, he is 6. He sent us a crayon drawing and letter written by his older neighbor friend. It is some of my most precious mail. I still need to get it translated as I beileve it to be in spanish. Sergio is not in school yet but I pray that he may be one day. I love your blog, the sweet honesty you have with your children and them to you as well. It is uplifting and precious! Thanks for sharing!