Thursday, April 28, 2011

It's Always Better when We're Together

In honor of one of the sweetest girls I know, today's post is about coming home. Our dear friends the Reed's will be reuniting later this afternoon after Mike's 2nd 6 month deployment in 2 years. Military life is hard, there is no way around that. But, there are also some things about military life that are completely wonderful ... reunions are definitely #1!
There is nothing so sweet as that first glimpse of your husband's face as he rounds the corner in his uniform. In his face you see relief that he has come home safely, excitement to scoop you and his kids (who have grown leaps & bounds while he was away) up in his arms for the biggest hug you've ever had, and exhaustion from the time away, but most likely from the weary trip home. If you take a second glance, you'll see more in the face of your soldier. He's proud. Proud to serve his country, proud to wear that dusty camo in service to others who are so less fortunate than we, proud to come home to the family that has been by his side though he's been thousands of miles away. As his wife, all you can think is thank you Lord that he is home safe, thank you that he loves his job, thank you that he does what he does for me, for our kids, our friends, our community, and our country. All of this happens in slow motion over about 10 seconds while you see him, but you can't yet reach him. Some of us girls dissolve into tears immediately, others jump up and down even shouting "hurry up!", and others just stand there with a smile from here to there soaking it all in. And then, relief floods over your soul. Your hero is home, the boys are back in town, daddy is in the house. All of the things that broke while he was away (which are usually numerous!) will be taken care of, you're no longer in charge of the yard work (my least favorite thing to do!!), the kids have someone to wear them out past the point of exhaustion in the backyard (and you can sit and read a magazine - which you haven't done in months - while you enjoy the laughter). You will go to sleep tonight without a care in the world and wake up to realize that it wasn't a dream, he really is home. Welcome Home Mike ... Kami, you my friend, are amazing. Enjoy every precious minute!

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  1. Well said...had me in tears of course! Love ya! You are such a good writer!!