Sunday, April 3, 2011

You're the Reason God Made Oklahoma

Katharine Allison Schloss celebrated her 2nd birthday on February 4th (yes, this post and many others are long overdue!). Before she was born, I wondered what she would look like, how she would laugh, and how quickly she would sleep through the night (hey! these are honest thoughts of a mom who is about to have her second, or third, or fourth ... child). Now that I've had two years to watch her grow, I just can't imagine our lives without this precious, wild, funny, crazy girl. Just a few thoughts to document this time in her life:
  1. Kate is still sleeping in her crib. Actually she really enjoys playing in it too. I might just keep her in there until she starts kindergarten.
  2. She has two favorite stuffed doggies ... Georgia and Major who are already well loved.
  3. Kate loves to eat. If I say breakfast time (or lunch, dinner, or snack) she yells back "O-kay" and comes running. She eats most everything except eggs. Before you go getting jealous, Will is definitely a picky eater!
  4. She is really into "coyors" and "kickers". A piece of paper, a sheet of stickers, and some crayons will keep her busy for a long time.
  5. Kate is C-R-A-Z-Y about her big bubba (and the feeling is mutual!). She misses him when he leaves for school and she's thrilled to wake up from her nap, because that means it's time to "Go get Bubba!!!"
  6. She is especially fond of going any where with her daddy. It doesn't matter if it's to Lowe's, the car wash, or the Recycling center, if he asks her if she wants to go, she promptly says "Bye Mama!"
  7. She almost always wants her mama to put her to bed.
  8. Kate does not like to be "scrappy backed". (That's how Will used to ask for us to scratch his back ... and it stuck)
  9. She loves Barney. I'm not sure how this happened because I don't think Will ever watched one single episode of the purple dinosaur.
  10. Kate adds the "y" sound to the end of a lot of words ... sleepy good, makey mess, takey nap (more like, NO takey nap!) squeezy tight (she says that when she gives you a hug, and I love it!).
We know that we got more than we bargained for and way more than we deserve when God chose to send Kate to our family. We love you beautiful two year old!

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