Thursday, February 16, 2012

Celebrating Kate

I love a reason to celebrate.  (Sometimes we don't even have a reason, we just celebrate!)  We spent a whole week celebrating our sweet Katey-lou ... here it is in pictures!

Birthday breakfast

Birthday lunch ... Kate's choice :o)

Daddy surprised Kate at lunch!

Time for presents ... Will was so excited to give Kate this princess tent

I think she loved it!

How many birthday wishes does one girl get?

What a gift this sweet girl is to our family!

And now, the Minnie Mouse party

More candles?

We love birthdays!

Pin the bow on Minnie

Kate loved making everyone dizzy

It's your turn, Pops!

Mama played too!

Are you ready, Mimi?

Now it's time for Musical Chairs

Everybody found a spot this time!

Pops has a serious competitive streak

But, Will was the champion

Some new spring clothes from Pops and Mimi

Mimi made Kate a special book!

Happy 3rd birthday Kate!

1 comment:

  1. Oh goodness, these pics are wonderful! She is gorgeous! I love Will's face of joy (for her!) when she runs over to the tent. What a great brother he is! We miss you guys!