Friday, February 3, 2012

Look at me ... I am three!!!

Kate at three ...
  • is fiercely independent - It's a blessing and a curse.  She can dress herself top to bottom, but it takes a while.  She insists on opening & closing all doors (the garage, car, stores, and at home), but she doesn't always move as quickly as I'd like. She wants to make her own lunch & clean it up - can you picture the mess?
  • loves to dress up - her tutu and "Prapunzel dress" are favorites, but you can also regularly find her sporting a fireman's hat, police badge, or race crew vest (thanks to Will's old dress up trunk!)
  • has moved on from her main imaginary "friend" but often talks to people that I can't see ;o), especially when playing with her baby dolls or playing store
  • is always in the mood to dance ... anytime, any place
  • thinks she's as big as her brother.  This may, on occasion, drive him a little bit nuts.
  • is an excellent shopper. Unfortunately, for her father, she is perfectly content to peruse every. single. aisle. at Target.
  • is still not potty trained.  Oh, she can use the potty, she just doesn't always choose to.  She may just be the exception to the rule that all those sweet ladies say "Well, I've never known anyone to show up to high school in diapers."  Ugh!
  • loves to paint, play outside, read books (her current favorites - that we read at least 3x a day are Tea for Ruby by Sara Ferguson and an Elmo search and find), and she loves her mama ( I hope that lasts!!!)
  • she's not so crazy about dr. appointments (although she recently did fantastic at her first dentist appt!), naps - starting to slowly give them up!, or any person in a costume - this one hasn't changed in her 3 short years of life!
  • she is an encourager.  Kate spends a large part of her day saying things like ... "Daddy, you know what?  You're handsome."  "Will you're my best bub."  "Mom, I like you."  I'm pretty sure her love language is Words of Affirmation.
  • makes us laugh every single day - I can't imagine this life without her.  What a gift God gave us on February 4, 2009

In her own words ...

What is your favorite color?  blue on your shirt

What is your favorite food?  little orange cuties and peanutbutterjellies

What is your favorite toy?  bubba's basketball

What is your favorite tv show? Barney & Caillou

What is your favorite animal?  A zebra, a elephant, a monkey, or a rooster ... what's the rooster say, Mom?

What is your favorite song? Jericho (Joshua fought the battle of Jericho) and the B-I-B-L-E

What is your favorite book?  Ruby (Tea for Ruby by Sara Ferguson)

Who is your best friend? Kaylee and Ella and Baylee

What's your favorite thing to do outside?  ummm ... tennis racket

What do you want for your birthday?  I don't know, a present?

What do you want to be when you grow up?  Ariel

What's your favorite thing about Daddy?  When daddy stays with me at home

What's your favorite thing about Will?  play with him when he be happy - Mom, can we eat peanutbutterjelly?

What's your favorite thing about Mommy?  when we go at the swimming pool

3 things Will loves about Kate
1. She's funny
2. She laughs a lot
3. She changes her mind a lot
3 things Daddy loves about Kate
1. I love the way she dances.
2. I love her smile.
3. I love that she tries to catch the ball with her hands still by her side and her eyes closed.


  1. Happy Birthday Kate! Such a beautiful, sweet little girl. We love her all the way from Alabama!!!

  2. Precious girl! What a sweet post.