Saturday, May 7, 2011

Mom's the Word!

Mom, Mama, Mommy, Mo-ther :o) ... The greatest blessing of my life is to have this title. I do not take it lightly and most days I don't live up to it. As a very little girl, I remember wanting to be a mommy. In fact, I tried to take over when my brother was born! As a teenager I loved babysitting. After college and before my own children were born, I had 27 beautiful 1st graders each September - June. I try so hard not to take my calling for granted, it is a true gift to be "mom" to Will and Kate. So today, a few words about three special moms in my life.

My mom. How do I even begin? I just love her like crazy! When I think of my mom, I think of someone who is always thinking of others. It was such a privilege to grow up seeing her give of herself ... her time, her talents, and her treasure. She was always looking out for those who go unnoticed to most of the world. She never wanted credit for what she gave and in fact, she regularly gave when no one else was looking - even the recipient! When I look back, I see that my mom was always pouring her love into our family. Everything she did was for us. Our home was filled with love, hugs, laughter, and fun. Now that Will and Kate are here, Mimi continues to lavish her love and time, okay, and gifts :o) on them. Mom - You're the best ... ever! I love you!

My mother-in-law. I have been blessed to know my mother-in-law since I was 12. She has the kindest smile and has always made me feel "at home" in her home. I'm so thankful for the mom she's been to John ... she raised the amazing man I love. John's childhood memories involve a lot of moving around and making new friends (his dad was in the Air Force). I know that his mom had a lot to do with creating a comfortable and stable home while things around them were constantly changing. She's a wonderful listener and there is not enough space here to write about how much I love her cooking! Since Will and Kate have been on the scene, Nana delights in making our visits special. Nana - we're so thankful for you.

My sister-in-law. Abigail will celebrate Mother's Day for the first time this year. Elijah Franklin was born at 5:02
last night! (Did I mention that I'M AN AUNT!?!?!?) She is going to be a wonderful mama. Abigail is patient and strong. She is confident and caring. She's loyal and loves with her whole heart. I have no doubt that God will use her in a mighty way as she takes on this new role as a Mama.

I am truly blessed to have these "Mamas" in my life!

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