Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Did I mention I'm an Aunt?

You didn't know?  I can't believe this cutie hasn't (I know that's a double negative, but I don't (oops!) know how to fix it and I really just want to post pictures!!!) been the subject of a blog post before now.  I will blame it on the fact that I didn't blog all summer long.  Anyway, this little boy has stolen our hearts.  We are  C-R-A-Z-Y about him.  John even offered to bring him home with us from Christmas ... for the month of January.  His Mama said no.  We'll try again! :o)

First things first!  We'll play with Eli and then we'll eat breakfast.

You can see his mama likes him a lot too - she's the best!

Mimi x 3 and loving every minute!

"Mom, you're not going to let him take me are you?"

Wherever Eli is, you can be sure Kate is somewhere close by!

We love Eli!

Sweet cousins

The boys

Blue eyes

I just LOVE him!

Pops, Mimi and crew

I didn't get one person to take a picture of me with that sweet boy ... I will take care of that the next time I see him! 


  1. Love this post!! So fun to see pictures of the cousins together!

  2. I have been meaning to comment on this post. I love it. My little boy has the best aunts and uncles and cousins one could ask for!