Sunday, June 17, 2012

In their own words

On Father's Day, we always like to wake daddy up by singing the Father's Day song ... you know the one that goes to the tune of Happy Birthday?  Then it's time for cards and gifts.  This year, instead of buying cards, I had the kids answer questions about John.  Here is what they had to say:

What does Dad always say to you? 
(W) Good job!  (K) Hmm ... I love you.

What makes Dad happy? 
(W) When I am very happy (K) When I'm happy

What makes Dad sad? 
(W) When I am hurt (K) When I'm very grumpy

How does Dad make you laugh?
(W) He tickles me (K) When he "laugheses"

What was Dad like as a child?
(W) A miniature Papa (K) Will

How old is Dad?
(W) 34 (K) 6

How tall is Dad?
(W) 10-20 feet (K) This tall - hands over her head

What is Dad's favorite thing to do?
(W) golf  (K) draw

What does Dad do when you're not around?
(W) Secretly plays Chaos - a game on the ipad  (K) He has to look for me.

What is Dad really good at?
(W) sports (K) painting

What is Dad really bad at?
(W) not really anything (K) catching snakes

What does Dad do for his job?
(W) Help build airplanes and figure out the directions for them (K)He works at his friend's works.

What is Dad's favorite food?
(W) pizza  (K) spaghetti

If Dad was a cartoon character, who would he be?
(W) Iron Man (K) a chipmunk

How are you and Dad the same?
(W) We both like sports (K) We like painting

How are you and Dad different?
(W) He wears glasses, I don't (K) umm...doing good at drawing

Where is Dad's favorite place to go?
(W) the lake or bowling with me (K) Chick-fil-a

How do you know your Dad loves you?
(W) He just does (K) Because when he paints he loves me


  1. What a cute and thoughtful idea! Much better than a card for sure! Kate sounds like a hoot!!

  2. Precious! Sounds like John and Kate have been painting recently, I would love to see their work!