Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Putt-Putt ... also known as What was Mom Thinking?

Each year as Father's Day is drawing near, I have the same dilemma.  Should we celebrate our super Dad by doing something fun as a family - you know with the two that made him a Dad - or should we send Dad off to do something relaxing.  'Cause, let's face it ... spending time with these two wild ones is lots of fun but would not be considered relaxing!

John rarely chooses to spend his free time away from the kiddos and me. In fact, I tried my best to encourage him to play golf with some friends, but unless I set up the tee time myself, I just don't think it's going to happen!  So, I had this great idea, that we could go golfing as a family - as in Putt Putt.  This would be Kate's first time ever on a course, but I was confident she would love it.  She loved it alright.  The rest of us did not so much love playing with her.  I think we quit keeping score after the 3rd hole.  We tried our best to keep up with all four putters and balls until about the 5th hole.  And by hole number 8, we were just trying to make it out alive.  Thankfully, everyone maintained their sense of humor and no one (not even passersby!) was hurt during the course of our journey.  I'm pretty sure Will and Dad decided that Kate will not be invited back to play Putt Putt for a very long (yet to be determined amount of) time.  The only redeeming factor may be that I got some really cute pictures ... I hope you enjoy them!

Will - ever the professional
Looking good so far  
I love this one

I think I'm getting the hang of this!
Looking good!

Mom even had some pretty good "putts"
Here is where things start to get interesting.  Kate decided that the best way to win this game is to start by placing your ball about 2 inches from the hole and then easily knock it in.  Clearly her favorite part of golfing was the "celebration" ...

Perfect placement for a hole in one every time!

Line yourself up just right and open your mouth just so ...

And celebrate!

REALLY proud of herself!

Ok, now you're just making your opponents feel bad! :o)

Kate advises Dad on his shot

And now a little instruction on the celebrating part

Pretty good, but I think we better keep working on it, Dad!

John has a very special term for his girls (yes, me too!) when we act this way ... if you ever hear him call us "precious" it's not because he really thinks we are ;o)
Will kept his cool throughout the afternoon!  

Kate trying to offer her advice, but Will was not having it!
WT was the only one among us who managed not one but TWO real holes in one!
Kate may or may not have gotten in trouble right before this pic, hence the very happy Father's Day smile on her face :o)

I am crazy for this fella and I could not imagine this wild parenting ride without him!!!


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