Wednesday, July 21, 2010

In the words of Kate

It's unbelievable, but Kate is almost 18 months old. In the past month, I feel like she has literally grown up right before my eyes. One of the things I love most about this age is how hard Kate works to communicate with us. She's like a little copycat running around the house (yes, we've already had discussions with WT about this!). So, just so I don't forget, a list of her words (as of today!):

Mommy ... I LOVE this one, somehow seems more personal than mama to me!
Da-ddyyyyyyyyyyy ... usually screams with loud laughter when he comes through the garage
Bubba ... the first word she says to me when I get her out of her crib in the morning (usually
Bubba? - like "Nice to see ya mom, but where's the fun guy?")
Momly ... our kitty cat, Molly, who is typically running away from Kate
Pops, Mimi, Papa, and Nana ... she can identify all of them from a picture (so sad that we live so
far away that she has to identify them from a picture!) Funny thing about this is that
she whispers Pops and Papa
up ... which could mean "up" or "cup"
dog-dog ... her most favorite bed time buddy OR her fav real furry fella, Phelps
nack ... snack, the first word after her nap
peas and andju... please and thank you (music to a mother's ears!)
ep me ... help me - might be what we hear most during the day
baby ... she loves to "play" baby and she loves to see babies
all done ... at the end of a meal OR when she's DONE being in the car seat (can't you just picture
the two 1800 mile trips I took her on this summer!?!)
ni ni ... good night
Along the lines of food, she has versions of juice, cheese, pizza (sounds like pisa pisa), cookie, and pancake.
She can say and identify eyes, nose, ears, mouth, foot, and knee.
And for some reason, I feel like we're learning our animal sounds out of order (as if there was one!), but she can give the sound for cat, monkey, cow, and lion ... this just seems like an odd combo to me!
She "talks" in lengthy conversations, but so far this is all I can understand. Better run, I hear "ep me" coming from Will's room!


  1. What a cutie! She has some beautiful hair! Loved reading your blog!

  2. Ansley,
    I am so glad you are back into blogging! I just love hearing about the day to day life of all my family and friends!