Monday, December 19, 2011

This is what's behind the "good" pictures

Don't you just love family pictures?  I do.  Let's be honest though ... they are a lot of work and hardly ever does everyone cooperate in them!  I thought I'd share a few out-takes ... you know, the one's you're supposed to delete so that they never make it to facebook so you can preserve the "picture perfect"family.  Yeah well, we're so far from perfect but there is a lot of love in this family!!!  
This is real life, right here folks!

Maybe Kate's had enough?

You could see this almost anytime you stop by!

Not feeling it, Mom.

We'll just crop sweet little Kate right out of this pic and it will be a sweet Mom & son photo!

O Happy Day!

Will blames this look on the camera flash - seriously?!?!

Wow!  This one might be the winner!


  1. Outstanding! Enjoyed seeing your crew on their B effort. These will make an appearance at a rehearsal dinner one day I bet!

  2. Previous comment was actually Matt. :)