Friday, December 16, 2011

Pinterest Project

Every time I turn around it seems as if Will has grown another inch, needs new shoes, or is back in the pantry (which leads to growing more inches!).  The days of his childhood aren't slowing down, but I'm trying my hardest to take in each moment, as each moment only comes once in a lifetime.  This week we enjoyed working together to make a snack for his class.  It was a very simple recipe, but I was thrilled to have Will's company and conversation.  I hope he never gets too old to enjoy helping his Mom in the kitchen! :o)
Lay pretzels flat on a foil lined cookie sheet

Put a hershey kiss on top of each one

Bake @ 275 for 3 minutes

Put an m&m on top ... refrigerate until cooled completely

Just my little piece of the south out here in the midwest ... thanks Mama!

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  1. Looks like another Pinterest success--all around!