Wednesday, July 25, 2012


One thing I love about about moving around is having friends in so many different places.  Because we've lived so far away from our parents for most of our marriage, our friends have become like family.  The Lord has blessed us richly - every where we've lived, we have had friends that have walked with us through good and bad, funny and sad, easy and difficult times.  We try to keep our connections strong ... but there is nothing like a face to face visit.  While we were visiting my parents this summer, we were able to see some friends from high school.  
Is there anything like old friends?  I think not.  These people loved us when we wore braces, glasses, and (I) had permed hair.  They must be special, right!?!  We met Kirk first, but Kelli not long after that.  We had the privilege of growing up in youth group together and it didn't take long for the 4 of us to become close friends.  Kirk and John were often in trouble ... nothing big, think talking in annoying accents for hours on long bus rides, and breaking into the pastor's private library - you know, mild stuff.  Kelli and I were perfect angels, of course, and we loved those crazy boys.  We had MANY double dates together.  Kirk and Kelli got married about a year and a half before we did and it was an honor to be a part of their special day.  They returned the favor a year and a half later for us.  We both lived in North Carolina for a while an we got to see them a few times, but after we moved to California and they returned to South Carolina, we only kept in touch through an occasional phone call or email.  Of course our time together this summer was too short, but it was definitely sweet.  We laughed until my cheeks ached ... and they had only been there for 30 minutes!  We told old stories and tried to keep our husbands from telling our kids too many details of their fun together.  It was so much fun to see our kids together and we promised NOT to let another 10 years go by before we see each other again.  Friendships like this are a true gift!!!

Look out world ... these boys are a LOT like their daddies!!!

There was lots of showing off!

Kelli and I just supervised (and prayed that no one would get hurt!)

This is oh so normal for these two!

After a LOT of threats from their wives ;o)
SO thankful for Kelli's life long friendship!

I'm pretty sure they were singing "Friends Forever"

We love your family!

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