Friday, July 27, 2012

Our Trip to the Aquarium By Will

Wow! I've never seen this many fish before . When I saw this whale shark I was amazed!
WOW! Look at this huge spider crab!
I took this picture . Did you know a jellyfish has a mouth?
 We went to a show called DOLPHIN  TALE. My  favorite part was when the dolphins did tricks!

We saw electric eels! P.s. my mom thought they were gross. Interesting fact eels only sting with their tails.

Fact did you know lion fish have venomous fins?
Did you know that sea horses are the slowest moving sea creature?

 This was a baby girl penguin.
 We were crawling through the penguin exhibit.
 Hello Kate.
 This picture was in the tropical reef.  Kate was looking for Nemo.
 We were waiting to touch manta rays and baby hammerhead sharks.  You could only use two fingers when you tried to touch them.

I love you Mimi and Pops! I love the aquarium. Thank you for taking us.

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