Saturday, November 10, 2012

Date Night at Chick-o-lay

October started off in a really sweet way ... Daddy/Daughter Date Night at "Chick-o-lay"!  Once we heard that there were going to be nuggets AND a carriage ride, there was no way that John Kate was going to miss it.  Kate started the day as any girl who is going on a special date would, painting her toenails.  I was able to get a few pictures of them before they left, but John took my camera away I had to promise not to follow them there, so we'll all just have to take their word that there was a carriage ride!  This little girl is blessed to have a Daddy that loves her so well.
Our girly girl
Isn't this how you dry your toenails?

Would the real Kate please say "cheese"???

The girl does LOVE her daddy!

Move over, Cinderella!

See ya, Mom!!
**Will and I had a delicious burger at Chili's and I didn't take one picture ... well maybe one, with my camera phone. :o)

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