Sunday, November 11, 2012

Papa and Nana's Visit ... also titled Delta = Don't Ever Leave the Airport

Just a few day after Pops and Mimi headed back to Georgia, Papa and Nana were on their way from Virginia.  They had a few hang-ups on their inbound flights and didn't make it until almost midnight, but we hit the ground running on Friday morning.  Will and Kate, as with most kids I imagine, enjoyed every minute of showing off their new tricks, talents, dance moves, and knock-knock jokes.  Papa and Nana brought a fall gingerbread house kit to make with the kids and they worked on it for the better part of an afternoon.  There was a soccer game on Saturday, followed by play time at the park, church on Sunday and also a birthday celebration.  Monday we went to gymnastics, dance, and then back to Will's school just in time to have lunch with him.  Thanks to Delta (see title) we got an extra day and night with Papa and Nana as their first flight home was canceled.  We loved having them here with us and look forward to their next visit!
Papa and Kate working on the frosting for the gingerbread house

The kids loved the decorating part and Kate may or may not have already been on a sugar high ;o)

Chief Gingerbread House Inspector

There was a whole lotta this going on

The finished project

Papa and Nana got to see Will in his last soccer game of the season

He got to play goalie - one of his favorite positions

You-know-who wouldn't miss a chance to cheer for her Bubba

We celebrated Papa's birthday with cupcake brownies and Bluebell ice cream

Kate was thrilled to have an audience at her dance class

Papa and Nana love Chick-fil-a just as much as Will and Kate!

Nana is the most patient reader ... she read book after book after book (you get the idea!) and no that book isn't upside down, it's a 2 in 1, and yes, Nana read them both

Please come back soon, Papa and Nana.  We love you!!!

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