Saturday, November 10, 2012

We live in fame or go down in flame ...

HEY!  Nothing'll stop the U.S. Air Force!  We almost made it to October in the last post.  I couldn't let these pictures stay in iphoto, so here they are.  Since I've known John, I've known that he loves airplanes.  His time on the active duty side of the Air Force were some of his favorite years and now he's finding his place in the AF Reserve.  I'm not sure who was more excited to get to the air show this year, him or the kids.  The kids loved climbing in and out of the airplanes and watching the stunts and acrobatics.  Will was particularly interested in learning about the planes that John has flown or worked on in the past - which made it all the more fun for my Airman!
JB and the kids in front of a C-5 ... the first plane John worked on while we were stationed at Travis.  I think it is the largest plane in the AF and usually carries tanks and equipment - I'll run that by John when he gets home and edit as needed! ;o)

In the belly of the "beast"

Loving the sound of freedom!

A KC-10 from Travis!  This is the plane that John worked with at the time Will was born ... and the reason he missed most of Will's first year of life :o/

I was there too :o)

Sending some love back to our CA friends

FOR REAL!?!  Are they cute or what!?!

They let the Army come to the Air Show too!

A Thunderbird heading down the runway to get the real party started!

This is what they looked like for the next 30 minutes - no matter how many times you see them, the Thunderbirds are just amazing!

Just too much fun for Dad's busy bee!

I had to get a picture with my Airman - I'm thankful for his service, but I'm so glad he's HOME!

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